Basic Truffle Recipe

You can use this ganache recipe as a base to make various truffles. 

The options are endless which makes them fun to make and great to eat. 

Truffles can either be dipped in tempered chocolate to form a bonbon or rolled as they are in various things like crushed nuts, cocoa powder, shredded coconut or crushed praline. 

Try steeping the cream with various teas before making the ganache. Add chopped nuts or dried fruits to your ganache or flavour the ganache with liqueurs. 

9 oz. (250 g) Dark Chocolate, finely chopped
2/3 cup (5 oz. / 165 ml) Double/Heavy Cream

9 oz. (250 g) Milk Chocolate, finely chopped
1/2 cup (4 oz. / 125 ml) Double/Heavy Cream

9 oz. (250 g) White Chocolate, finely chopped
¼ cup (2 oz. / 60 ml) Double/Heavy Cream


Flavour Ideas
Add to taste (Approximately 1tsp - 3Tbsp)
The amount of flavourings are dependent on either the recipe you use, the amount of chocolate and cream, and frankly, your own taste.  Start by adding a teaspoon, try it, then add more to taste, up to as much as 3 tablespoons.

Various Spices (Chilli Powder, Cardamom, Wasabi Paste or Powder, Ginger, Cinnamon etc)
Instant Coffee Granules or Espresso
Matcha, Chai and Various Teas
Liqueurs (Amaretto, Chambord, Kahlua, Frangelico, Rum, Brandy, Vodka etc)
Zests (Orange, Lemon, Lime etc)
Herbs (Basil, Thyme, Mint, etc)
Malted Milk Powders
Nut Pastes or Butters

Other Tips
- If you are using fresh or whole/solid flavorings such as fresh herbs, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods etc... simmer it in the cream then remove from heat and  let steep for an hour. After steeping, strain away solids, return the cream to a simmer, and proceed with recipe.
- When using liqueurs or alcohol to flavor, don’t add more than 3Tbsp for the given quantities in the recipe given. Too much alcohol can inhibit the ganache from setting properly.

Ganache can either be used to make rolled truffles or cut into squares and then dipped in chocolate, which is called a bonbon.

Making the ganache

  • Finely chop or grate the chocolate
  • Place in a heatproof bowl
  • In a saucepan, heat cream until just about to boil (it will start bubbling around the edges of the pot)
  • Pour the cream over the chocolate
  • Gently stir the mixture until all the chocolate has melted and it is smooth
  • Tip: If you end up with pieces of chocolate that won’t melt, put the bowl over simmering water (but not touching the water) and stir gently until it’s all melted
  • Tip: Be careful if you do need to heat it over simmering water, if the mixture gets too hot it will split and you’ll end up with gooey chocolate swimming in oil, so don’t overheat the ganache, steam from a gentle simmer is all you need.
  • Stir in your desired flavourings

For rolled truffles

  • Allow the ganache to firm up in a container of choice, preferably deep rather than shallow
  • Using a teaspoon or melon baller, scoop up room temperature ganache
  • With gloved hands, roll the balls between your palms to round them off
  • Dip in tempered chocolate or roll in various ingredients like cocoa or chopped nuts as desired
  • Tip: If dipping in chocolate, it’s best to refrigerate the ganache balls before dipping so that they’re firm and don’t melt from the warm chocolate
  • Tip: For a thicker chocolate shell, dip once in tempered chocolate and allow to set. Then do a second dipping or smear a small amount of chocolate over the truffle and roll in desired ingredients
  • Place on parchment paper until set

For cut chocolate

  • Double line a shallow tray with clingfilm
  • Pour the ganache into the tray and smooth the top
  • Once set, warm a knife with hot water then wipe dry
  • Cut into squares
  • Dip each square in tempered chocolate
  • Place on parchment paper
  • Decorate and allow to set
  • Trim off any feet with a sharp knife

Coating Ideas
Rolling them in something that compliments and gives a hint to their flavour makes for a beautiful truffle

  • Melted, Tempered Chocolate
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Confectioner’s Sugar
  • Chopped or Ground Nuts
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Flaked, Shredded or Desiccated Coconut
  • Cacao Nibs
  • Ground Praline
  • Grated Chocolate
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