I Like... Glenisk Pure Original

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I'm a big fan of Glenisk dairy, especially their Greek yoghurts. Always thick and creamy, and whether going in to a cake or making a batch of tzatziki, the results are always tasty. 

So I was really happy when I was sent a few samples of Glenisk's new "Pure Original" yoghurt range! In all honesty, I wouldn't have wanted to try a product I don't already support, so it was a win.

I received six 450g tubs of yoghurt. Two were plain, two were mango, and the last two were blueberry.

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The "Pure Original" range is different to their current yoghurts available in that they don't have any added sugar. Other things that are the same, "Pure Original" are organic and preservative free. 

At first when I read that there was no added sugar I assumed it was just the yoghurt. Other yoghurts I've had that also come with a layer of fruit purée resting at the bottom of the tub normally has sugar added to the fruit layer as well as the yoghurt.

Turns out, they really did mean no sugar added, to any of it. This is a good thing!

Mango frozen yoghurt made with two ingredients

Mango frozen yoghurt made with two ingredients

While I'm not actually a fan of plain yoghurt, a work friend is, and when my goodies arrived he peeked in and showed a lot of interest, ie. he really wanted one. I let him have one. A blueberry one. 

I'm not kidding when I say it took him mere minutes to open his yoghurt.

Chicken tenderised in a yoghurt marinade

Chicken tenderised in a yoghurt marinade

I had gone back to my office to put the rest of my loot away. I then walked the two steps it takes to get to his office 'cause I wanted to say that he must give me his honest feedback when he gets around to trying the yoghurt. I opened the door to his office, and there he was, already about a quarter of the way through the tub, the 450g tub mind you, while on the phone. I laughed and mouthed that he should pop in when he can and left him to his dairy. 

About ten minutes later he stopped in, with yoghurt and spoon, and a rather blue mouth! 

His feedback was that the yoghurt was lovely and thick. He did say that he thought there was too much of the fruit layer, but at the same time, he'd eaten about a quarter of the plain yoghurt before mixing it up. That said, he did enjoy the blueberry purée. 

Back home with my remaining tubs of yoghurt, I lined up a few dishes to try with my delicious bounty. 

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First up, I thought I'd serve up one of my hubby's favourite breakfasts. Muesli with yoghurt.

As John had said, the yoghurt was lovely and thick. My hubby doesn't mind plain yoghurt and he enjoyed his as it was, however I added a bit of sugar to mine. The blueberry was lovely and I was happy with the yoghurt to fruit ratio. 

Next, I thought I'd try something savoury with the plain tubs. I left chicken pieces to marinade in the yoghurt with a few other flavours; garlic, ginger, lime and a hint of chilli. 

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Yoghurt is great for marinating chicken, it breaks down the meat leaving you with tender chicken once cooked. I thought the Glenisk plain Pure Original was great as a base for marinade. Lovely and thick, it coated the chicken happily for the 4 hours or so I had the chicken pieces in the fridge. 

My grilled chicken turned out perfectly tender and tasty, another win!

Glenisk mango yoghurt and sugar, a two ingredient dessert

Glenisk mango yoghurt and sugar, a two ingredient dessert

Lastly, I thought a little dessert was in order. And a very simple one indeed. 

I took the last two tubs of yoghurt, the mango flavour, and simply stirred in half a cup of sugar, then put my ice-cream maker to work. 

Glenisk Yoghurt-5627.jpg

An hour later, I had the tastiest mango frozen yoghurt I've ever had. The mango flavour came through beautifully, again, not at all sweetened and being able to control the sweetness myself was great. I used granulated white sugar, but you could easily use honey or agave if that's what you prefer. Or just leave it tangy.

Apart from waiting for the yoghurt to churn, it was the easiest dessert I've ever made, and incredibly tasty. Not at all heavy and actually very refreshing. My hubby agreed, he loved the mango yoghurt.

Refreshing with a gorgeous mango flavour, the best frozen yoghurt I've ever had

Refreshing with a gorgeous mango flavour, the best frozen yoghurt I've ever had

I love the new range of Glenisk yoghurt and I hope they develop the range and add more flavours, even if it's only so that I can make more frozen yoghurt with a mere two minutes hands-on time :D

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Recipes for the grilled chicken & frozen yoghurt coming soon.

Oh, and if you're wondering, my work mate didn't have lunch that day after devouring his tub of yoghurt ;)

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